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the key

The key to making the most of your loft space is to understand exactly what you want from your home. You may be looking to add a bit of flair to your surroundings. Or, on a more practical level, you might simply wish to make the most of your available living space, especially if your family is outgrowing your home.

One thing’s for sure, there’s a lot you can achieve. From creating the dream bathroom to converting the loft into a master bedroom and en suite. Whatever you want from your property, there are a number of ways in which you can achieve this to open up space and add value.

Loft conversions can give you extra square metres and add real value to your home. Breathing light and life into your loft has never been easier. Either a simple VELUX solution or a more complex dormer conversion will have a dramatic effect.

It will transform your loft into a versatile living space filled with daylight and fresh air. We take great care in designing the perfect living area, our experience has shown us that our customers are seldom short of ideas; our strength is the realization of these ideas, and our ability to design your project firstly to meet your requirements and secondly a design that enhances your home.

One important thing to consider is the position of your home and rooms when thinking about installing your VELUX Roof Windows or building dormers.

Once we've found out where the sun rises and sets, you can maximise the potential of Velux products by positioning them in such a way that they help you make the most of the available light.

You can regulate the amount of light a room receives by choosing where you position your windows and how many you decide to use. If you put a singular roof window on the south side of your home, as demonstrated, it will capture most of its light either in the morning or the afternoon.

Add a combination of two or three windows together and you immediately catch more light. To ensure a room has an ample supply of light, it's recommended that there is a minimum 15% of glazed area to floor space. Remember, as the sun moves across the sky the light will change. However, if you put a window on either side of your room, you can catch the light as it moves throughout the day and increase the distribution. Used properly, it can create a feeling of space.

This in turn helps to make a property more desirable and can have a substantial impact on its value. The concept of space and natural light having positive psychological, health, and energy-saving benefits is well documented. However light in all its forms plays a vital role in the design of our homes. How much light a room receives, and its direction and quality, can affect many aspects of interior design. From the colours we choose for our walls to how we arrange our furniture.
Borrowed or reflected light? Dappled or filtered? There’s a lot to consider. Even passing clouds, for instance, can change the whole tone and ambience of a room.

There are countless combinations to help you create a look that is as individual as your area, we are experts in bringing your ideas to life. Whether you’re installing a single roof window to enable you to enjoy your loft space, or you’re planning a grand design of epic proportions we will be able to offer our expert advice from the initial planning stage right through to completion.

Find the true value of your home

By creating a dormer loft conversion you are unlocking your home's full potential & maximising the usable space and floor area. Depending on the style of the dormer, you can create up to 75% more usable area to enjoy. Think about it, your loft area is the same foot print of your entire home. It's up to you how you unlock this commodity and to fulfill its possibilities.

Don’t move out. Move up!

As much as 80% of your home's available space is in the loft. So it’s no surprise that a loft conversion is one of the best ways to add flexible space to a house. Think about it. The foundations are already in place. So is the roof. Letting the light in will make it a more liveable space. Depending on the size of your loft, you could add an extra bedroom, children’s playroom, or even a master suite. A second bathroom can increase the value of your home by at least 5%.

Great return on investment

A loft conversion can add between 10%-15% to the value of your home, per bedroom. It can also save you the time and money of searching for a new property to accommodate your growing family. And you don’t lose any garden space to an extension either.

Guaranteed peace of mind

We provide full products and public liability insurance free of charge. ABM are also able to offer you a 10 Year government endorsed Trust Mark insurance backed guarantee, in addition to our own. That’s 10 years peace of mind which is totally transferable if you decided to move on.

With over 20 years experience you can afford to relax in the knowledge that your conversion will be carried out by professionals.

We install top quality loft conversions in all areas including Kingswood, Tadworth, Reigate, Dorking, Epsom, Horsham, Surrey and surrounding areas. From design to build right through to completion.